Volume 06 : Issue 01 : 2020
Translation and Translatability in Intersemiotic Space

Edited by: Evangelos Kourdis and Susan Petrilli


Punctum. is a blind peer-reviewed, on-line journal dedicated to the semiotic study of contemporary cultural texts, practices and processes, published under the auspices of the Hellenic Semiotic Society.

Aspiring to provide a venue for the advancement of international semiotic scholarship, the journal is published twice a year (July & December) in English, although submissions in French and German will be accepted as well. Punctum.’s Editorial Board reflects both its international scope and the diversity of contemporary semiotic research and theory.

Punctum. invites submissions (original papers, review articles, book reviews) across this wide range of semiotic fields and methodologies on an on-going basis, and regularly puts out calls for special issues with guest editors.




Articles Introduction: Translation and Translatability in Intersemiotic Space (3280 downloads)
Evangelos Kourdis and Susan Petrilli
Translating the Book App’s icono-letter (1220 downloads)
Sara Amadori
Sequences and scenes of transposition of an unshareable experience. A semiotically released prison (1252 downloads)
Pierluigi Basso Fossali and Julien Thiburce
The Name of the Rose: Novel, Film, TV Series between Intermediality and Transmediality (1545 downloads)
Nicola Dusi
Audio describing the mental dimension of narrative characters. Insights from a Flemish case study (1310 downloads)
Bonnie Geerinck & Gert Vercauteren
Translating Time: Modelling The (Re)Processing of Emerging Meaning (1267 downloads)
Kobus Marais
Acquisition of artistic literacy in multimodal learning via intersemiotic translation (1067 downloads)
Aleksandr Fadeev
Illustrated Translations Longing for the Middle Ages (1286 downloads)
Hilla Karas
Humor and intersemiosis in films: Subtitling Asterix and Obelix (1604 downloads)
Loukia Kostopoulou
Accessible paratext: actively engaging (with) D/deaf audiences (1551 downloads)
Pierre-Alexis Mével
Translations, adaptations, quotations from Baudelaire’s poetry into metal music: an anti-alchemy? (1364 downloads)
Camille Migeon-Lambert
Navigating a Multisemiotic Labyrinth: Reflections on the translation of Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves (1508 downloads)
Vasiliki Misiou
The chronotopical aspect of translatability in intersemiotic space (1405 downloads)
Peeter Torop
Testimony La traduction franco-russe d’un point de vue sémiotique (1148 downloads)
Inna Merkoulova
Reviews Advances in Semiotics of Translation: A Model of Text Analysis and Comparison for Literary Translation (1328 downloads)
Alize Can Rençberler
Tattooing: Imprinting the Self (1276 downloads)
Lily Stylianoudi
Interviews Interview of Paolo Fabbri (1228 downloads)
Evangelos Kourdis
Full Issue Volume 6, Issue 1 (2020) Full Issue (1182 downloads)
Evangelos Kourdis and Susan Petrilli

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