Book Reviews: Bondability in Twitter discourse

Mariza Georgalou

Punctum, 4(1): 205-209, 2018
DOI: 10.18680/hss.2018.0013


By the time a book or an article on social media is completed, users’ practices and even the very same technologies may have changed and the scholarly work will have become outdated (Barton & Lee 2013: 8). This of course does not automatically invalidate research in the field neither should discourage researchers from continuously taking the social media pulse. That Michelle Zappavigna’s book was published back in 2012 does not detract at all from its robustness. On the contrary, it has laid solid foundations and should therefore constitute a launch pad for anyone wishing to conduct qualitative as well as quantitative research on microblogging services (i.e. online platforms for posting short messages to the internet) generally and Twitter specifically.

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