Two museum visits in Lund, Sweden and the streets between them: Accidental monuments between public and curated spaces

Orestis Pangalos

Punctum, 5(2): 155-181, 2019
DOI: 10.18680/hss.2019.0028


While visiting the Swedish city of Lund to attend the Conference Visual Semiotics Goes Cognitive1 I came across two of the city’s museum attractions, the Kulturen Open air museum and the Skissernas museum (the latter is translated as the Sketch museum and also as the Museum of artistic process and public art). Borrowing from the walking-inside-museums experience as well as from wandering the streets around them, the following text unfolds by way of observations on the nature of museums, on the exhibited items and what we encounter in the streets. In this context multiple examples of artworks, related practices and emerging matters are discussed too.

KEYWORDS: Open air museums, Art in public space, Lund, Street Art, Unintentional art
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