Study of Visual Semantic Attributes Responsible for Effective Communication in Bollywood Movie Titles

Mohammad Shahid and Dharmalingam Udaya Kumar

Punctum, 4(1): 135-164, 2018
DOI: 10.18680/hss.2018.0009


Bollywood is a Hindi language Movie industry based in Mumbai. In India, movie publicity is a part of diverse visual culture and one of the key factors for movie success. Print media publicity is evident from the beginning, wherein posters played a vital role. Movie posters act as a form of visual language through which the gist of the film can be perceived. To understand the role and communicative power of a poster, one has to understand its individual components as well as their interrelationship in the poster layout. The design elements in a movie poster can be grouped in to two major categories; non-textual and textual. Under textual content, title design is one of the key elements where creativity has been explored at its best. This article looks at the visual attributes associated with the title design and discusses their role in overall meaning creation. A semiotic approach has been used to structure the analysis in two parts: syntactics and semantics. Findings reveal significant visual attributes which have been used to design influential movie titles. The range of visual attributes listed in this article will provide an insight to designers/lettering artists to produce more persuasive typography/lettering.

KEYWORDS: Bollywood, expressive lettering, film posters, semantic attributes, title design
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