(Conference Report) “Art History for Artists. Interactions between scholarly discourse and artistic practice in the 19th century“, Technische Universität Berlin, 07 July – 09 July 2016

Merten Lagatz

Punctum, 2(1): 92-93, 2016
DOI: 10.18680/hss.2016.0009

Set out to “examine the shaping of art history as a discipline during the 19th century in relation to artistic training and exchanges between artists and scholars”, the international conference Art History for Artists, held at the Technische Universität Berlin, provided a forum for the presentation of 23 papers by PhD students, post-doctoral scholars, as well as established art historians. The conference was organized by Eleonora Vratskidou in the context of her post-doctoral research project on the transnational mapping of the way art history was taught in Art Academies throughout the 19th century. […]

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