Volume 07 : Issue 01 : 2021
Semiotics of Contagion: Models and Media in a Synergistic Epidemic

Edited by: Gary Genosko


Punctum. is a blind peer-reviewed, on-line journal dedicated to the semiotic study of contemporary cultural texts, practices and processes, published by the Hellenic Semiotic Society, member of the International Association for Semiotic Studies (IASS).

Aspiring to provide a venue for the advancement of international semiotic scholarship, the journal is published twice a year (July & December) in English, although submissions in French and German will be accepted as well. Punctum.’s Editorial Board reflects both its international scope and the diversity of contemporary semiotic research and theory.

Punctum. invites submissions (original research papers, review articles, book reviews) across a wide range of semiotic fields and methodologies on an on-going basis, and regularly puts out calls for special issues with guest editors. The journal’s contents are registered with CrossRef and indexed in Scopus.



Articles Introduction: Semiotics of Contagion (657 downloads)
Gary Genosko, Guest Editor
The heroes of the pandemic: On the Discursive Construction of ‘the Healthcare Workers’ Collective during the COVID-19 Crisis (548 downloads)
Sebastián Moreno Barreneche
A semiotic approach to Greek internet memes during the Covid-19 pandemic (889 downloads)
Thomas Bardakis
A semiotic comparison of mass media representations of the swine flu and Covid-19 pandemics: Observing Narcissus Narcosis (657 downloads)
Alin Olteanu, Florian Rabitz and Augustė Nalivaikė
Right-wing media’s rendering of Ro: Media, misinformation, and affective contagion (561 downloads)
Benjamin Bandosz
Intersensorial translation of coughing-and-sneezing in an epidemic social context (450 downloads)
George Damaskinidis
All models are wrong, but some are useful: mathematical models at the time of Covid-19 (548 downloads)
Roberta Buiani
Contagion and Capaciousness: The Shifting Worlds of Living Models (657 downloads)
Gary Genosko
Reviews Political semiotics – Democratic normativity (506 downloads)
Ulf Hedetoft
The semiotics of the pandemic (597 downloads)
Alexandros Ph. Lagopoulos and Karin Boklund-Lagopoulou
Frightening conflictual identities and reassuring affective ties in our contemporary conspiracy theories (455 downloads)
Anna Maria Lorusso
Renewed semiotics, revisited concepts, new proposals. A few gazes at Maria Giulia Dondero’s approach to the image (536 downloads)
Katarzyna Machtyl
Expanding translation studies: a (bio)semiotic approach (648 downloads)
Margherita Zanoletti
Full Issue Volume 7, Issue 1 (2021) Full Issue (814 downloads)
Gary Genosko
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