Intersemiotic translation and transformational creativity

Daniella Aguiar, Pedro Αtã and João Queiroz

Punctum, 1(2): 11-21, 2015
DOI: 10.18680/hss.2015.0013


In this article we approach a case of intersemiotic translation as a paradigmatic example of Boden’s ‘transformational creativity’ category. To develop our argument, we consider Boden’s fundamental notion of ‘conceptual space’ as a regular pattern of semiotic action, or ‘habit’ (sensu Peirce). We exemplify with Gertrude Stein’s intersemiotic translation of Cézanne and Picasso’s proto-cubist and cubist paintings. The results of Stein’s IT transform the conceptual space of modern literature, constraining it towards new patterns of semiosis. Our association of Boden’s framework to describe a cognitive creative phenomenon with a philosophically robust theory of meaning results in a cognitive semiotic account of IT.

KEYWORDS: Intersemiotic translation; Creativity; Gertrude Stein; Charles S. Peirce; Margaret A. Boden
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