Instant Sensemaking, Immersion and Invisibility: Notes on the Genealogy of Interface Paradigms

Florian Hadler & Daniel Irrgang

Punctum, 1(1): 7-25, 2015
DOI: 10.18680/hss.2015.0002


This paper discusses current interface paradigms, the genealogy of the GUI and their underlying semiotic or diagrammatic principles. By conceptualizing the interface as a historical phenomenon, as a coded zone of differentiation and distinction, it opens a perspective on the interface that is both historically and theoretically informed, taking into consideration not only its social, economical or technological conditions, but also its philosophical and theoretical discourses. The consolidation of contemporary aspects, genealogical investigations and theoretical explorations provide outlines of a theoretical framework for the studies of interfaces and their historical developments.

KEYWORDS: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI); Graphical User Interface (GUI); Interface design paradigms
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