Volume 08 : Issue 01 : 2022
Semiotic Approaches to Big Data Visualization

Edited by: Maria Giulia Dondero, Pierluigi Basso Fossali, Lia Yoka


Journal of SemiotIcs Volume 08 : Issue 01 : 2022. Semiotic Approaches to Big Data Visualization

Punctum. is a blind peer-reviewed, on-line journal dedicated to the semiotic study of contemporary cultural texts, practices and processes, published by the Hellenic Semiotic Society, member of the International Association for Semiotic Studies (IASS).

Aspiring to provide a venue for the advancement of international semiotic scholarship, the journal is published twice a year (July & December) in English, although submissions in French and German will be accepted as well. Punctum.’s Editorial Board reflects both its international scope and the diversity of contemporary semiotic research and theory.

Punctum. invites submissions (original research papers, review articles, book reviews) across a wide range of semiotic fields and methodologies on an on-going basis, and regularly puts out calls for special issues with guest editors. The journal’s contents are registered with CrossRef and indexed in Scopus.



Articles Semiotic approaches to big data visualization (203 downloads)
Pierluigi Basso Fossali, Maria Giulia Dondero, Lia Yoka, Guest Editors
Dynamic and spatial variables in data visualization systems (111 downloads)
Johanna Drucker
The “modulation mania”. Impersonal enunciation and visual rhetoric of the data image (81 downloads)
Federico Biggio
From Archive to Dataset. Visualizing the latency of facial big data (116 downloads)
Cristina Voto
The traces left by the information designer. Data visualization and enunciation (129 downloads)
Valeria Burgio
Beyond immediacy and transparency. A semiotic approach to discursive and rhetorical strategies in media visualization and data visualization (210 downloads)
Valentina Manchia
Big data visualization through the lens of Peirce’s visual sign theory (107 downloads)
Alon Friedman and Martin Thellefsen
Reviews An introduction to semiotics? (109 downloads)
Karin Boklund-Lagopoulou
Semiotics of imagination in religion (106 downloads)
Thomas-Andreas Põder
Alternative educational approaches and the linguistic/semiotic landscape (79 downloads)
Roswitha Kersten-Pejanić
Spaces hiding within spaces (83 downloads)
Alexander Dobrohotov
Full Issue Volume 8, Issue 1 (2022) Full Issue (138 downloads)
Pierluigi Basso Fossali, Maria Giulia Dondero, Lia Yoka
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Punctum Semiotics Monographs

VOLUME 1: Isabella Pezzini (ed.) Paolo Fabbri. Unfolding semiotics. Pour la sémiotique a venir

Table of Contents
Isabella Pezzini, To P.F. – Permanent center of gravity – Anna Mondavio, Paolo Fabbri, maître à penser de la sémiotique – Lucia Corrain, In the form of a biography. Semiotics as a way of life – Paolo Fabbri, Some thoughts on proxemics (and an update) – Pierluigi Basso Fossali, Institutions as double agents: programming discourses and modal adjustments – Lucia Corrain, The iconoclasm of the everyday – Jacques Fontanille, Paolo Fabbri: maître  penser, ami à présenterManar Hammad, Quand le sens n’est pas dans l’ image détruite – Tarcisio Lancioni, Us, and its body – Jorge Lozano, Eulogy of conflict – Anna Maria Lorusso, For an Interventionist Semiotics – Gianfranco Marrone, Marked Semiotics: Tactics and Strategies – Federico Montanari, From Venezia back to Paolo Fabbri. Dan Graham: ‘Mirror Power’ Strategies – Neyla Graciela Pardo Abril, The semiotic landscape of memories in the Colombian post-agreement period –  Isabella Pezzini, The Theater of Passions. Anger and enthusiasm in Ladj Ly’s Les MiserablesMaria Pia Pozzato, Verba non volant. Oral expression in the teaching and theoretical reflection of Paolo Fabbri – Franciscu Sedda, The “posterior past” of the new iconoclasm – Pino Donghi, The rigors of imagination. An interview with Paolo Fabbri – Valentina Manchia, Seeing double, seeing beyond. Paolo Fabbri’s gaze on art – Francesco Mangiapane, Being Paolo Fabbri, Marked.

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Paolo Fabbri. Unfolding semiotics. Pour la sémiotique a venir (412 downloads)
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