Volume 07 : Issue 02 : 2021
The Social, Political and Ideological Semiotics of Comics and Cartoons

Edited by: Stephan Packard and Lukas R.A. Wilde


Journal of SemiotIcs Volume 07 : Issue 02 : 2021. The Social, Political and Ideological Semiotics of Comics and Cartoons

Punctum. is a blind peer-reviewed, on-line journal dedicated to the semiotic study of contemporary cultural texts, practices and processes, published by the Hellenic Semiotic Society, member of the International Association for Semiotic Studies (IASS).

Aspiring to provide a venue for the advancement of international semiotic scholarship, the journal is published twice a year (July & December) in English, although submissions in French and German will be accepted as well. Punctum.’s Editorial Board reflects both its international scope and the diversity of contemporary semiotic research and theory.

Punctum. invites submissions (original research papers, review articles, book reviews) across a wide range of semiotic fields and methodologies on an on-going basis, and regularly puts out calls for special issues with guest editors. The journal’s contents are registered with CrossRef and indexed in Scopus.



Articles What More Can Semiotics do for Comics? Looking at Their Social, Political, and Ideological Significations (303 downloads)
Stephan Packard and Lukas R.A. Wilde, Guest Editors
Isotopy as a Tool for the Analysis of Comics in Translation: The Italian ‘Rip-Off’ of Gilbert Shelton’s Freak Brothers (200 downloads)
Chiara Polli
The Repeatable Hand and the Mediated Self in Mira Jacob’s Good Talk (175 downloads)
Nicholas Wirtz
Objectifying Visual Language in Autobiographical Comics (278 downloads)
Adam Whybray
Drawing Sex: Pages, Bodies, and Sighs in Japanese Eromang (285 downloads)
Caitlin Casiello
Signs of Disintegration: Subversive Visual Expressions of Processes of Social Transformation and Ideological Clashes in a Czech Graphic Novel Series about Political History (173 downloads)
Martin Forêt
Mapping Europe’s Attitudes Towards Refugees in Political Cartoons through CMT and CMA (221 downloads)
Roula Kitsiou and Maria Papadopoulou
The Synergy of Animation and Tourism Industry: Myths and Ideologies in Mickey Mouse’s Traveling Adventure (181 downloads)
Eirini Papadaki
Reviews Review: Materiality, Data Epistemology and Enunciation (205 downloads)
Maria Giulia Dondero
Review: Can enactivism and semiotics be together? (436 downloads)
Antonis Iliopoulos
Review: Reading visual narratives across cultures (303 downloads)
Federico Zanettin
Full Issue Volume 7, Issue 2 (2021) Full Issue (308 downloads)
Stephan Packard and Lukas R.A. Wilde
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