Volume 5, Issue 1 (2019) – Μultimodality in Education

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Volume 5, Issue 1 (2019)

Μultimodality in Education

Edited by Maria Papadopoulou and Maria D. Avgerinou


Table of Contents


Introduction-Multimodality in Education (301 downloads)

Maria Papadopoulou and Maria D. Avgerinou

Recognition of diverse students’ experiential and multimodal resources for access (209 downloads)

Arlene Archer

Vygotsky’s theory of mediation in digital learning environment: Actuality and practice (267 downloads)

Aleksandr Fadeev

A framework for developing preschoolers’ critical viewing of multimodal texts in formal educational settings: The case of commercial videos (247 downloads)

Sophia Goria

Color signification in digital multimodal compositions: A descriptive analysis of undergraduates’ digital videos (183 downloads)

Illias Karasavvidis

Producing and disseminating marginalized knowledge through students’ drawings, videos and crafts (191 downloads)

Eleni Katsarou and Konstantinos Sipitanos

The interplay between interpersonal and compositional meanings in multimodal texts about animals for young children (224 downloads)

Maria Koutsikou and Vasilia Christidou

A multimodal pedagogical approach to teach a foreign language to young learners (197 downloads)

Susana Liruso, Ana Cecilia Cad and Hernán Ojeda

Multimodality and play in literature class: Bridging a gap between school and life with education on screen (156 downloads)

Alexandra Milyakina

Beyond the bio-reductionist symbolic code: Experiences of multimodal education in Italy (161 downloads)

Francesco Piluso and Pier Mario Demurtas

Reading as designing: A multimodal approach to literary texts (190 downloads)

Rumiko Oyama-Mercer

Production of multimodal texts in Secondary Education: A case-study (173 downloads)

Marina Rodosthenous- Balafa, Agni Stylianou and LIza Pitri

The impact of multimodal learning environments on the development of creativity (144 downloads)

Inesa Sahakyan


Book Reviews

Languages, images, smells, sounds and other semiotic monsters: Exploring Linguistic Landscapes and multimodality (191 downloads)

Angeliki Alvanoudi

Further advances in Linguistic Landscape research: Language and identity-work in public space (151 downloads)

Costas Canakis

The war film as moral space (151 downloads)

Panayiota Chrysochou


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